Thursday, March 10, 2016

1:1 Teacher Talk: Whitney Adams

Whitney Adams
Lee Expressive Arts Elementary
5th Grade

"What's the biggest benefit of having a 1:1 classroom?"

1:1 Teacher Talk: Kara Johnson

Kara Johnson
Lee Expressive Arts Elementary
5th Grade

"Has your opinion changed about having iPads in your classroom?"

1:1 Teacher Talk: Stacy Robison

Stacy Robison
Two Mile Prairie Elementary
5th Grade

"What's it like having iPads in 5th grade?"

1:1 Teacher Talk: Beth Newton

Beth Newton
Oakland Middle School
8th Grade Science

"What does 1:1 do for your students?"

1:1 Teacher Talk: Sherry Schaefer

Sherry Schaefer
Oakland Middle School
7th Grade English and Math

"How has 1:1 impacted your teaching?"