Friday, April 6, 2012

App Review: Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a great app that can be used with very young children. It allows users to insert their own pictures or find pictures online to their collage. You can add multiple images and easily change the image size. Text can be added to write captions about the images. There are a number of backgrounds and stickers that are available as well.

Adding pictures from the web is so easy: there is an embedded browser. This feature is what makes this app so great! I was able to observe kindergartners create collages about the Statue of Liberty. It was so cool to see them press the screen, choose the browser, and search. Granted, they needed help with spelling, but once the search started, it was so simple. The search returns pages of images that match. You select all the ones you want to add, and then send them to the page. Then move the images and resize to suit your taste.

Exporting couldn't be simpler. Choose your collage and export to camera roll. You can also email, tweet, or facebook (is that a verb yet).

And that's it! An incredibly easy way for students to show their learning through an annotated picture collage. Check out my collage below!

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  1. Going to download it now! Cute kid eating your iPad :)