Thursday, January 10, 2013

App Review: Pixntell

Ever use Photostory to make video projects with students? If not, you need to. Just in case you aren't familiar with Photostory, it's free software for combining pictures and narration into a video. Finally, there is a great app to create similar projects, all on your iPad. It's called Pixntell, and you should download it immediately because it's free and awesome. 

Pixntell is very easy to use. You create a new project and name it. Then you can add images. Students can take pictures from inside the app. Images can also be added from your camera roll. Choose up to five images per project with the free version. The images will appear on your project screen. You can even perform some editing of those images similar to what you'd find in Instagram. Choose "next". This is where you can add narration. Press the microphone button to start recording. When you are ready to switch slides, swipe left or right to move to the next slide. You can go backwards to revisit slides. When you are finished, choose the option to save your project. And that's it. Videos can be exported to Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube or through email.

Now that's the description of the free version. For $.99, you can upgrade to pro. The pro version will let you add more than five images. You can also create custom slides that include text. Those are great features, but probably not something you have to purchase. 

Pixntell is a great app. I'm really glad that I found it. It's easy to use and the instructional possibilities are endless. Check it out. 

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