Monday, August 12, 2013

App Review: Snapguide

I recently did an app training that I called "Create with Apps v2". I had to find some new material because I figured I would get some repeat customers and wanted to share new ideas. I came across Snapguide and instantly loved it. I'm a sucker for any app that can be used across any and all content and grade levels. And it has to be free. Snapguide fits this description. Let me walk you through some highlights.

Basically, Snapguide is an app for making guides. And it's a snap. Students can easily make step by step directions for any process. Or they can put together information about any topic in a slideshow format. The only limit is imagination. 

Start out by making an account. Usually, I'm not a big fan of apps that need accounts. It had better be really good if you need one. I think this one counts. Once you have your account made, then you can start making guides. Start by choosing your title. Because it's a "guide", the title has to start with "how to". When you finish the title, you are now in the editor. The app automatically generates a cover slide. Tap on it and quickly add a picture from your camera roll or take one from inside the app. There is also a slide for supplies. Tap the slide and you can add supplies that are necessary for your process. 

Now it's time to really add content. Press the "add step" button and you are prompted with several options. You can add photos, video, or text. The text option gives you a blank page to add text. The photo or video option lets you add either from your camera roll or take new photos with the app. For both the video and photo option, you can add a text caption to explain what is happening on the slide. 

When you have all your content inserted, it's time to publish. Like all great apps, there are several options. You have the now standard Facebook and Twitter options, as well as Pinterest, email, and URL link. Depending on age, for student use I would imagine that email or copying the link would be the best option. 

The published guides are beautiful. The user simply swipes left and right to access the different slides. It's truly a professional look. And it's free. I think I mentioned that. I hope you check it out and see what Snapguide can do for your teaching. 

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