Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time management with 30/30

Do you have any students that have difficulty staying on task or managing time? If your answer is no, then you are probably in denial and should seek professional help. If you said yes, then check out the app 30/30. It's a free app that students (and teachers) can use to manage tasks in a user-friendly way.

First, the app lets you create multiple task lists. Each list can consist of several individual tasks, each one assigned a certain time allotment. These lists can be saved for future use. I really like this piece because it allows you to develop a set routine that can be used over and over.

You have complete control over the individual tasks. Use unique names, icons, and time amounts for each one. Then add them to the list. You can easily add new tasks, delete completed ones, or rearrange the order. 

Once you are ready to start your tasks, simply press the play button. The display changes color to match the color of the task. Then the timer counts down as the dial slowly turns. I like having both features because it gives a great visual reminder for students who aren't able to read or understand the time countdown. 

While you are completing the task, you have several options to use. You can quickly add or subtract minutes, move the task to the bottom of the list, or trash it. This is so easy, it could cause a distraction for students. You'll need to consider if the student who is using the timer (or class) should have access to manipulate the app. I can definitely see teachers projecting the app so all the students can see what tasks are ahead and how much time there is to complete them. 

All in all, I think it's a productive app that you should try out. Like anything, you'll need to figure out the best use with your students. Or perhaps it's better off as a teacher tool. We all could use a little more help with time management. 

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  1. Looks good. I hope it will meet the desired standard as well to keep the time managed in every possible ways. Literally many people gets distracted when the term time tracking and management comes into action. manual aspects may not work properly but the usage of tools as such could help achieve a lot. I hope 30/30 will have a good impact to track my hours and manage me to stay ahead with all possible facts.