Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Teachers are always looking for easy ways for students to share their learning. Audioboo is a great option for creating and publishing audio projects like podcasts. It's a free app that can be used on your iProduct or Android device. 

First, let's talk accounts. In order to publish your work, you'll need to create an account. So if you are working with students under 13, you'll most likely create a class account where you can publish all your work. Creating the account only took a few minutes and it's well worth the ability to publish and share your students' work. Because that's what it's all about: sharing. 

The app itself is very easy to use. Creating "boos" will be simple even for the youngest students. Simply press the red record button, the 3 second countdown starts, and then you are recording. The app also allows you to pause the recording and create the project in segments. If you have tried recording something and don't possess the gift of gab, you'll love this feature. Students can easily chunk their broadcast into smaller, more manageable segments. 

All your recordings can be saved as drafts. However, you can't name the drafts right away. I figured I could just tap on the file in order to change the name. Wrong. I found that I had to press "publish" in order to get an option to add a name to a recording. A minor inconvenience, or maybe I couldn't figure it out (entirely possible). Saving the drafts is great because you can always open them up again and add more content. 

When you are ready to publish, you can name the project, add a description, tags, photos, or category. Then visit and sign into your account. You'll have access to all your published boos. And the best part, you'll have the ability to share them in a number of different ways. You can set up your Audioboo account to automatically tweet your boos, publish to Facebook, Tumblr, or Wordpress when they are published. Or you can grab a link or embed code to copy and paste in your class website or blog. It will also create a QR code that you can print out and post. If you are really looking to create a platform for audio posts, you can set up your boos to publish to iTunes or via RSS. 

Audioboo is incredibly simple. Very easy to create and share. Try it out and be sure share your projects for others to enjoy. 

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