Thursday, November 6, 2014

App Review: Sticky Notes

With all the iPads out in the hands of fifth graders, we are getting all sorts of requests for ideas to complete traditional activities in more efficient and eco-friendly way. If you are a fan of teaching student classifying and organizing skills, but are tired of seeing post-it notes on your students' supply lists, then you should check out the Sticky app. 

Add notes, pictures, or website resources
The beauty of this app is in its simplicity. Students can create new worksheets to house different projects. Inside the worksheet, simply double tap the screen to add content. There are four options to add:

  • Basic text
  • Pictures from Photos
  • Take a picture
  • Links to websites
Once you add the object to the screen, you are free to move it around. That's the funny part: they really aren't sticky! Which allows teachers and students to move objects to sort by different classifications. Once you have them in the right place, simply take a screenshot to save your work to the Photos app. 

See? Simple. And it's free. So give it a shot. 

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