Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Managing Electronic Distractions

If you or your students have no problem managing distractions when using their iPads, then you are excused from reading any farther. And you're probably not being very honest. Here's some information along with a great video on strategies for self-managing distractions on your iOS device. Ryan Pingrey (@RyanPingrey) put this together for the students and teachers of Battle High School.

It's a great video that you could use with your class. If you skip to the 7:20 mark, you'll see some great tips for how to use the "Do Not Disturb" feature to keep you focused. 

Some of the tips from students were awesome:
  • Leave the device in your bag when not using it
  • Don't install any non-school apps
  • Turn off notifications
My favorite was from the student who was put on restriction. He said that his grades got so much better while he was restricted, that he chose to keep those restrictions on even after he earned the privilege back. Now that's self-awareness!

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