Thursday, September 15, 2016

Incorporating QR codes in a "centers" activity

I got to spend some time in Mr. Harker's 6th grade social studies class last week (you can follow him at @smsharker). I could tell from the noise about 25 feet from the classroom that the students were really enjoying themselves!

Mr. Harker had a great activity set up for students to do self guided learning through a "centers" format. Students were learning about archaeology. There were several stations set up for students to rotate through. Once at a station, they scanned a QR code using their iPad to access content they needed to complete that activity. Check out the pictures below to see how it looked.

For the activity pictured below, students were challenged to analyze pictures on some Google Slides presentations. After their analysis, they answered questions on a worksheet.

I love this station shown below! Mr. Harker gathered "artifacts" from his fellow 6th grade teachers. Students had to use their knowledge of the teachers to determine which tub contained their items. They obviously know their teachers well because this station was by far the least challenging! 

I hope this snapshot gives you some ideas about how to use QR codes in your classroom. It was great to see how QR codes can enhance well planned activity, linking students to content only accessible through the technology. Looking forward to seeing more examples from Smithton teachers! 

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