Thursday, March 8, 2012

iPad Mirroring to your Mac

Great news!!

Just read this from Tony Vincent's blog and it's pretty exciting for mac/iPad users. There's a new program for your mac called Reflection. It sets up AirPlay for your mac. Now you don't need an Apple TV to mirror your iPad. It runs on any mac with iOS 10.6 or later.

So simple to use. Just install the Reflection on your mac. You can test it out for free for ten minutes. I know, pretty ridiculous teaser. Once installed, double tap your home button on the iPad to access the iPod controls. Press the mirroring button and you are up and running. It refreshes nearly instantaneously. I found it could get behind at first but then gets caught up and moves seamlessly. We also found that it launches QuickTime on the mac when a video is played. You can also have multiple devices showing on one screen. Kerry set hers up after mine and her iPad popped up on my macbook.

The pricing right now is $14.99 for one user and $49.99 for five licenses. Very affordable, especially for those of us who present from the iPad and macbook at the same time. No more unplugging!

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