Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Using Google Calendar for iPad Scheduling

One of the biggest issues you'll have once you get your iPad cart set up is that everyone is going to want to use it. And that's a great problem to have! An easy way to communicate when the iPads are available is to share a calendar. So it's time to ditch that clipboard you have sitting on your desk!!

Setting up a Google Calendar is quick and easy. Once you are signed in to Google, you can access the calendar from the menu bar on the top of your search page. On the left toolbar under "My Calendars", choose the drop down arrow and select "Create new calendar". Once you name it, you need to make it public in the shared settings. Google Calendar has very straight forward sharing options. Unless you have specifically shared it with another user, other viewers can only view. So you can share the link or embed the calendar in your website.

Finally it's time for scheduling. I would suggest having faculty send you an email so you can add their names to the schedule. I'm sure it wouldn't happen in your school, but I've heard of times where teachers erase their colleagues' names from the schedule to "free up" time for themselves. With this method, everyone can view when the iPads are available, but only the iPad admin can schedule times.

Check out our own iPad Google Calendar to see how busy it is.

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