Friday, May 25, 2012

App Review: Day One

I downloaded a new app this week called Day One. It's essentially a journal. But it has a lot of great features that I think sets it apart from other journal apps. I really love how it displays a calendar to search your posts by date. Every day that has a post is highlighted so they are easy to find. You can export your entries by email or by Twitter. It also syncs with iCloud so you can access your journal on any iCloud device. Currently, it cost $1.99
Day One would be a great app to try out in the classroom. You could easily have students create posts about their day. Then you would have a running record of the year's learning, special events, reminders, funny happenings, whatever! Easily Tweet the posts you feel should be communicated. Day One allows another way to open up your doors to the world. 
Check out Day One in the App Store.

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