Friday, May 4, 2012

App Review: Songify

Alright, this one is a bit different. But after you play a bit, I think you'll find some sort of use. I came across Songify quite by accident. I took an Apple TV home one weekend to play around. I stumbled my way onto YouTube and was looking through the most popular videos of all time. And that's when I found Songify.

This will be tough to write about, but bear with me. Are you familiar with auto-tuned songs? If not, it's when artists use a computer to make their voices sound almost digital. It's popular with the young crowd, which I'm no longer a part of. Anyway, these kids find rather unusual news stories or strange events, then dub the video and auto-tune the audio to make it sound well....hilarious.

So Songify lets you auto-tune your voice, puts it to music, and enjoy. Now, I'm not sure how many academic uses there are for this app, but it's fun. My wife loved it and used it in her class. She complains of having to tell her 9th grade students to get out the same supplies every day. So after downloading this app, she recorded the supplies on Songify. Then when students entered the room, she played the Songify version. Apparently some students thought it was funny, and some thought she was crazy. But it got their attention!

So have fun with it and let us know if you find a great use!

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