Friday, March 8, 2013

Airserver Part III - Mirroring Problems

If you are user of Airserver, and there are a lot of you, then you might notice that sometimes things don't work the way they are supposed to. For instance, you spend time putting together your activity, have all the sites and multimedia ready to go, and when you try to display your video, there isn't any sound. 

Here's a tip I received that might help alleviate some of those issues. 

One teacher found that if he mirrored the iPad from the home screen, then moved into the app, sometimes there were issues like the "where's my sound?" dilemma. But some apps offer mirroring inside the app. When he mirrored multimedia from inside those apps, it worked perfectly.

YouTube is a great example. Next time you are showing a YouTube video, open the app first. You'll notice a mirroring icon underneath the video. Press that icon and set up the mirroring from here. Works great. 

Now, I'm not sure how many apps have that option embedded. But if something isn't working correctly, check and see if there is an option to mirror from within the app. 

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