Friday, March 15, 2013

App Review: Haiku Deck

Now here's an app you're going to want. Haiku Deck is an awesome, free tool for creating slideshows on your iPad. It's not as powerful as Keynote, but the price is better and it's easier to export. The piece I like the most is how easy it is to embed pictures on your slides. If you are working with visual literacy, this is a great app to use. 

Themes and title slides
When it comes to creating presentations with students, it's all about efficiency. Haiku Deck offers just that. There are a lot of great features mixed into an easy-to-use interface.  To start, you can choose between five different free themes. Slides can formatted as a title screen with 14 different layouts. Slides can also have lists with bullets or numbers. 

Adding backgrounds is where this app gets really simple to use. For each slide, you can add your own images as backgrounds or use the embedded browser. What's really cool is that the browser automatically searches the text on your slides. Or if you want something different, you can create a custom search. backgrounds can also be a solid color. You can also add charts and graphs.

Searching for an image with the embedded browser
When you're finished, there are a ton of exporting options. You can play your slideshow from the app. Or you can share it through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Post to blog, export as PowerPoint or Keynote, or get the URL to send to viewers. There are three privacy options: public, restricted to viewers with a link, or private just to you. Finished slideshows are saved in the app for you to access later. 

Easy enough. Haiku Deck offers everything you could want in a creation app: easy to use, easy on the eyes, easy to share. And free, of course. 

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