Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spanish - Donny Silver

Aquí está una mirada en el iPad de Donny Silver. Es profesor de español en Rock Bridge High School. Donny ha sido un innovador iPad y es un gran recurso para los maestros de escuelas secundarias. Echa un vistazo a sus cinco principales aplicaciones. (Estoy usando Google Translate, así que si esto es un error, yo culpo a Google)

Donny's top five apps:
1.  Doceri
2.  Splashtop
3.  Quizlet
4.  Class Dojo
5.  Timer/stopwatch on "clock"
6.  Tourwrist

Doceri is wonderful.  It is a whiteboard and remote desktop in one.  I use Doceri most for whiteboard and Splashtop for remote desktop control because I like the gestures of Splashtop better to control my PC.  Doceri surpasses all the other whiteboard apps I have used.  Doceri allows wonderfully legible writing without a stylus with tons of options for font, color, and pen types.  You can also record your work for playback so you don't have to redo it for every class.

Quizlet has endless study options in Notecard or flashcard form.  The same information used to create the flashcards is used for multiple other study activities.  Students did't use the app on their own until I created a class and flashcard sets.  Now, they love the ability to study on their device. Quizlet is supported on Apple and Droid devices.

Classdojo is fantastic for classroom management.  Even high school students like to see their progress.  They can create an account and their own avatar that shows up on your iPad ClassDojo app.  Behavior reports can be sent home to communicate with parents listing behavior by categories you create.  This app can also be used online on a PC or iPad.

Most don't realize that the standard clock on the iPad has a timer and stop watch, no need to have another app to have timed activities.  You can also select  from multiple sounds for the countdown timer.

Tourwrist is my most fun app.  You can select almost anywhere in the world and you find full 360 photos.  As you turn in a circle the 360 degree photo moves with you as if you were there.  Visit El Morro in Puerto Rico, or the forests of Costa Rica, or the Eiffel Tower......  You have to try it out even if you don't use it in the classroom!

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