Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Set iPad alarms to guide your day

The clock is probably one of the most under-utilized apps on your iPad. It's sitting there on everyone's screen. But still we ask ourselves, why would I need to use the clock? I can see the time on the top of every screen. Well, here's a reason why.

Alarms. Especially in the elementary realm, teachers want a way to get reminders during the day. There is just so much going on during the course of the day, why not get a little digital assistance? Here's some simple directions for setting your alarms.

First, dust off and open up that clock app. Choose "alarms" from the bottom of the screen. Then press the "+" in the upper right corner to set your first alarm. Set the specific time for your alarm by moving the dials. 

There are options for repeating your alarm as well. You can set them up to play on particular days of the week. You can also label your alarm to specific events like "send Matt to speech" or "time to order lunch". 

Now choose the "sound" option. There's a wide variety of default sounds to choose from. You can also pick a song from your iTunes library. 

When you get it all set, choose "save". It should send you back to a view of the entire week so you can see all the alarms. Kind of a nice reminder of everything you need to do. If you need to change or delete one, choose the "edit" button in the upper left. 

Now you're all set, so to speak. Siri will also set alarms for you if you prefer to command others to do your bidding. You might need to make some adjustments for volume. Small bluetooth speakers could be something to check out if you prefer a noisy room. Or you could try connecting to Airserver to play the sound through your computer or projector speakers. 

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