Tuesday, October 29, 2013

App Review: MyScript Calculator

Hey, all you teachers of math out there. Here's a nice little app for you to check out. It's called MyScript Calculator and it's a free app. Basically, it lets you use handwriting to write your equations. Then the app transforms your writing and solves your problems. Not all your problems, just your mathematical ones. Here's what you'll see. 

The main screen is very basic. Just write your equation. You don't even need to include the equals sign.

Then MyScript Calculator transforms your handwriting into text and solves. 

So then I got cocky and entered a second equation under the first. As you can see, it got pretty confused. But at least it's honest.

And there are export options. You can easily share your work via Airdrop, email, or Twitter. 

So it's a simple, but effective app. Gotta give a shout to Jill Villasana for showing it to me.

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