Thursday, November 21, 2013

District iPad Managers: Beware!

We've stumbled upon a potentially huge issue with the new iOS7 and iPad ownership. Apparently the days of being able to restore an iPad to factory settings and reassign to a new user are over. There are additional security measures that have been put in place by Apple to help deter theft. Which makes it tougher for us.


You need to revise your procedures for getting iPads back from teachers and staff. As a part of your turn-in process that includes removing the passcode, you have to require the user to go back into their settings and do the following:

  1. Sign out of their Apple ID
  2. Delete their iCloud account in order to remove "Find my iPad". It will prompt you for an Apple ID password to remove it
Doing this will remove the "Find my iPad" feature (and the rest of their account) from the iPad. Then you can do an "erase all content and settings" restore. When you turn it back on, a new user can take over. Otherwise, you'll see a prompt for an Apple ID and then this page:

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