Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ELL Superstar - Karen Sander

Take a good look at Karen's iPad. She's done some great things after only a short time with the iPad. She won't tell you this, but she's a great resource for advice on how to work more efficiently and excite your students with technology. 

Karen's top five apps:

1.  Socrative--can use to electronically collect student responses to questions during class (compare to SMART Response clickers)
2.  PixnTell--allows students to easily create and narrate multimedia projects (compare to Photo Story 3)
3.  Futaba--allows students to "race" to answer questions (math, reading vocab, etc).  Free version lets you use pre-set lists of questions with two players.  Paid version (~$7) lets you input your own questions and have up to 4 players.
4.  Evernote--lets you organize notes and multimedia artifacts about student learning
5.  Google Drive--I store documents here I want to access while away from my desk.  I put guided reading lesson plans here so I can access them while I'm teaching.  Also, I use Google Forms to have students participate in data collection for later analysis.

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