Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Grade - Jaci Jackson

This screen took some work to get. Jaci claims that she isn't a "super user" with her iPad yet, but I think otherwise. You can follow her classroom at @mrsjackson1st. Jaci does an awesome job of sharing her students' learning through her Twitter feed. She would tell you that her best integration ideas were sparked by me. And she's right. 

Jaci's top five apps:

Twitter- ‘Twitterist’ is a monthly job.  Student composes our tweet of the day.
Cargo-Bot- Exciting way to introduce computer programming (coding) 
McGraw Hill Math Apps- Top-it, Squeeze- work on specific skills McGraw Hill Literacy Apps: Grammar Wonderland 
Sushi Monster- Reinforces Fastt Math concepts Hooked on- App version of Boggle
Evernote- Easily record and organize running records of my students
Educreations- easy to use whiteboard to use with my small groups and save the notes to pull up later, such as writing the tricky words for a guided reading group then pulling them up again the next day

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