Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Middle School Language Arts - Lynn Hagen

Lynn teaches at Smithton Middle School. She's a language arts teacher who would love to have a set of iPads at her disposal on a full-time basis. Lynn has her top five apps listed below. Check out how she communicates with her team of teachers. Hadn't thought of that one...

Lynn's top five apps:

1. Skype - easy communication with my team during the day
2.  Evernote - I know where my stuff is (I use penultimate with it to take notes)
3.  iMovie - so easy to use with kids for videos and book trailers
4.  Kindle - love having easy reference to my books and being able to read anytime
5.  Markup - this is new as of yesterday and may have some kinks to be worked out, but I love it already. Kids can email me papers; I can write on them with a stylus and send them back.

I also use my TED talk & Pinterest apps a lot but those are more for ideas to inspire me instead of directly with kids.

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