Friday, April 12, 2013

High School Math - Michael Collins

Michael teaches Algebra 1 and Geometry at Oakland Junior High. Take a look at some shots of Michael's iPad. I need to get some insight on the story of his wallpaper.

Michael's Top 5 Apps:

  1. Google Drive-I use google drive almost exclusively to create both on my iPad or on my Laptop.  The app is great for managing and sharing docs, though the app itself is limited in terms of creation...though that's not the iPads primary use anyway!
  2. Edmodo-my LMS until I'm certain that I can or cannot use Facebook.  It's a Facebook-esque closed social network designed for classrooms.  It's the app version for the web-based site.  Similar in nature to how the Facebook app is to the full web version.
  3. Screen Chomp-interactive whiteboard with built in recording and hosting features.  IMO, vastl superior to educreations or skitch.
  4. Noteability-Similiar to Goodnotes, but features auto synching to a cloud server (like google docs) and some recording features.  Teamed with Airserver, it's as useful as Smart Notebook.  Used in tandem with Smart Notebook, it gives you the capability for both you and your students to interact on a document simultaneously.
  5. Doceri- similar to Splashtop, but offers more features, even in the free version.  You can control your PC, drop a whiteboard, and import pictures onto that whiteboard.  It also has a recording feature. 

Also, the app is brand new, but I think Markup is going to be a monster.  It allows for paperless grading.  Also of note is Class Dojo, especially teamed with airServer.

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