Friday, April 12, 2013

High School Social Studies: Jill Villasana's iPad

Jill Villasana teaches 9th grade social studies at Jefferson Junior High. She is possibly the most amazing teacher in all of the world. And it's purely coincidence that we share the same last name. You can follow her at @jillvill1. Here's Jill's iPad:

Jill's Top 5 Apps:
  1. Rover: browser to view flash files on the web
  2. Google Calendar Link: my favorite way to organize life & share it with my colleagues & family
  3. Dropbox: a convenient way to share documents from iPad to desktop to print, edit, and share
  4. Splashtop: run your desktop computer through your iPad, kids always think it is cool!
  5. Evernote: how I take notes and will encourage my students to take notes (easy to index, search)

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